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Are you an independent business owner dissatisfied with your business results? Have you been struggling to take your revenue to the next level? Learn how I've helped local businesses, private medical practices and web-based product sellers amplify exposure and sales growth 2-5x with my predictable digital marketing systems.


"After several disappointing experiences with marketing agencies, Will delivered consistent business results and helped make our client process more efficient. Don't let his unconventional style fool you - he knows his stuff and it works"

Dr Anil Rajani | CEO, Style Aesthetics

"Will improved our overall marketing with updated digital strategies while maintaining some traditional marketing.  He has fine-tuned our messaging and engaged our patients more effectively. His reporting is more info than we've ever had about our marketing in 12+ years"


Dr Julie Reil | Owner, Shiloh Medical Clinic

"Our business provides web applications and solutions for 50+ small and mid-size businesses. We keep our in-house team lean, so I've contracted Will on several occasions to perform technical SEO and PPC audits for clients. He's added major value in boiling down complex metrics into actionable strategies for our team to implement" 

Magnus Roos | Founder, Perimark LLC

"Our brick-and-mortar store has been in business since 1977 and in the last decade we've tried all kinds of marketing ideas to drive sales for our online store. Will came through with a new approach and delivered measurable ROI in less than three months. He's got a knack for figuring out what works and deploying our resources accordingly." 

Gwen Croghan | Owner, Chalet Market

"I was stuck trying to market a new product that I invented and Will was able to deliver viable business leads in under month and consistently thereafter. My sales have picked-up and Will's marketing efforts have really paid off." 

Rich Wambsgans | Owner, Aquastaser Pool Solutions

"In a matter of months, will increased the conversion rate on our e-commerce business by 27% and our web traffic by 18%. He took over our Google ads campaign and got us a much better return on our ad spend by improving our targeting, writing better ads and redesigning our landing pages. I've learned a lot about advertising online from Will and his work has provided lasting value to our business."

Anthea George | COO, Star Ridge New Media LLC

"Will helped me build a new system for managing my business online so that people can easily find me on Google, navigate my website, and make transactions seamlessly. This has saved me a lot of time in day-to-day management and has directly impacted my bottom line. He always goes above and beyond to deliver results and doesn't make excuses. I'd refer him to anyone."

Johanna Trass | Owner, High Desert Aussies

"Will helped our company with new customer acquisition over a period of three years. He was effective in marketing directly to our best prospects and helping us convert them to loyal clients. Will knows what it takes to move the needle in business and his work helped us increase revenue substantially"

Jeramy Kaiman | VP, Parker & Lynch

About Will J. Muhlenfeld

Will is an entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant based in Portland, Oregon. He helps business owners plan and execute battle-tested marketing systems to achieve next-level success in their business growth.
Will oversees a contracted team and his own technical expertise includes digital advertising, search optimization, funnel development and analytics. He has experience managing large ad budgets and proving consistent ROI.

Dissatisfied With Your Digital Agency Experience?

It’s no secret that most small-medium size business owners are  disappointed by their partnerships with digital marketing agencies. They voice common frustrations...  

Poor, inconsistent or unknown marketing results

High costs from bloated service packages

Cookie-cutter service delivery without a structured plan to acheive business goals

Offloading campaign work to interns, temps and other agencies

Long-term contract commitments without proof of measurable short-term success

Always upselling new technology and other 'bright shiny objects'

The status-quo agency model isn't working for these business owners. Random acts of marketing without a systematic approach is never enough to achieve and sustain next-level growth. 
Many business owners feel hopeless in getting the help they need to take their business to the next level. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

Enter the digital marketing consultant...

A consultant offers an efficient and effective marketing solution without the frustrating problems of full-service digital agency. Instead of dashing off pre-packaged services, a consultant works directly with you and your team to plan and execute the best marketing strategy for your unique business situation.
A consultant jumps into the weeds to find opportunities, roadblocks and inefficiencies in your marketing process. A consultant works with you to develop an end-to-end system for customer acquisition and retention that delivers predictable results every month. A consultant also provides:

Total Accountability & Trasparency

Direct Oversight & Management

Expert Insight & Problem Solving

Efficient Solutions That Save You Time and Money

Flat Rate for Unlimited Hours (whatever it takes to win)

Costs Less Than an Agency

Most common solutions provided:

Improving results from paid advertising campaigns (Google, Facebook, Bing etc)

Managing budgets and reducing ad spend waste in paid ad campaigns

Writing and developing effective marketing collateral for ads and lead-gen

Optimizing web assets and brand data for better visibility in search engines and maps

Implementing systems to accurately test and measure marketing results

Optimizing websites and landing pages for lead-gen and conversion

Coaching internal teams on process improvement, business development and retention strategies

Will typically helps three types of businesses:

Private medical offices and spas providing aesthetic treatments and procedures

Web-based businesses selling niche products direct to customers

Local businesses selling professional services to local area customers

To find out if Will can help take YOUR business to the next level, schedule a 30-min consultation with Will using this automated booking system.

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Will and his staff operate 8am - 5pm, Mon-Fri PST
(406) 763-1225

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